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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about navigating the Quincy Public Schools system? We've done our best to answer some common ones below.  

General FAQs​


I just moved to Quincy from out of state or out of the country with my school-age child. How do I get my child registered for school? Are all children guaranteed admission to school once registration is complete?

Yes, all children are guaranteed admission to their local public school. To get your student registered, you need to submit a Pre-Registration Form and someone from Quincy Public Schools will contact you. Please use the New Student Registration link on the QPS Registration Page to download the form.

What documents are required for registering a child to school? Are the documents the same for out-of-state or out-of-country families?

The registration forms for both new Kindergarten students and new students entering Grades 1-12 can be found on the QPS Student Registration Page.

In order to complete the registration process, the following documents must be provided for each student, regardless of where you lived prior to Quincy:
i)     Birth certificate (with raised seal)
ii)    Photo I.D. of the person registering the student
iii)   Copy of a recent physical examination by a physician (within one year)
iv)   Record of immunizations
v)    Two forms of proof that the student and family reside in the school district: utility bill, tax bill, mortgage statement, W-4 or 1099 form
If you have questions, please contact Quincy Public Schools at 617.984.8701.

What if I do not have the documents required for QPS Registration?

If you do not have the required documents or have any other questions regarding the forms for registration, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 617.984.8701

Where do I find my student’s assigned school?

Please use the Street Directory link on the QPS Student Registration Page to find the assigned school for your student.

Can I choose a school that's not designated for my street?

If you would like to attend a school outside of your neighborhood school, please use the Open Enrollment link on the QPS Registration Page. Open enrollment requests are accepted starting in September for the next academic year. (For example, submit a request in September of 5th grade if you want your student to attend a school outside of your neighborhood in 6th grade.)

Can students who have moved within Quincy request to continue to attend the school they are currently attending?

Students who have moved within Quincy may request to continue to attend school where they are currently attending.  Permission will be granted based on space available at the school and families will receive an email confirming their request has been granted. The student will revert to the neighborhood school once they have finished highest grade of their current school. They need to fill open enrollment form if they want another school than their designated neighborhood school.

Please note that School Bus Transportation is not available for elementary school students attending a school outside their neighborhood district.

To submit a Remain at School request please fill out this Form.

My student has finished the highest grade in their current school. Do I have to enroll my student in middle school/high school or are they automatically admitted to middle school/high school? Can I choose the middle school/high school for my student?

You are automatically enrolled in your neighborhood middle school/high school if your student is already attending school in Quincy. There is nothing special you need to do to ensure your student’s place in middle school/high school. If you would like to attend a middle school/high school outside of your neighborhood district, you can submit an Open Enrollment request through the QPS website. Open enrollment requests are accepted starting in September for the next academic year. For example, submit a request in September of 5th grade if you want your student to attend a school outside of your neighborhood in 6th grade.

If I applied for Open Enrollment, is my student guaranteed a spot? When will I learn if my student was accepted into their school of choice?

The Quincy School Committee has a policy of granting Open Enrollment on a space-available basis.  When making the decision to admit open enrollment students, the Superintendent must consider the capacity of the school building to accommodate Open Enrollment students both for the present school year and future years. To be eligible for Open Enrollment, students must be Quincy Residents.

Open Enrollment Procedure:

  • Student names are placed on school lists in the order in which they are received. 

  • Siblings of students already enrolled in a school under the Open Enrollment Policy will be given preference for that school, as long as the older student will still be enrolled there when the younger student starts school.

  • Open Enrollment decisions are made at the end of the school, when enrollment projections for the upcoming year are available.

  • Notification letters are mailed to families no later than mid-July.

Please note, Kindergarten Parents may request Open Enrollment, but must also register students at their home school. 

What pre-kindergarten programs are available? How do I register my child for these programs? Are all children guaranteed a spot in pre-kindergarten? If not, what children have priority for the program?

The Quincy Public Schools Integrated Pre-Kindergarten Programs serve 3- and 4-year-old children with special needs and their typically developing peers. Pre-Kindergarten classes are held at Snug Harbor, Point Webster, and the Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center. There are two different Pre-Kindergarten programs offered: four half-day sessions or two half-day sessions. There are a limited number of Pre-Kindergarten seats available and priority is given to 4-year-olds, followed by children who are 3 1/2 or older. Transportation is not provided. 
To be considered for a Pre-Kindergarten Program, please complete this form: Pre-Kindergarten Student Information Form.

Elementary School FAQs

My student will be attending elementary school. I have more questions about school lunch, transportation, after-school care, and academics. Where can I find more information?

Please see our Elementary School FAQ page for more information.

Middle School FAQs

My student will be attending middle school. I have more questions about: academics, school lunch, and transportation. Where can I find more information?

Please see our Middle School FAQ page for more information.


English Language Learner Families FAQs

My family does not speak English or does not speak English well, what do I need to know about registering my students? Are there resources and help for my family?

There are resources for English Language Learner families, as well as a designated group called ELPAC that can help you. Please go to the ELPAC page on this site for more information.

Special Needs FAQs

My student has special needs, what do I need to know about registering my student? Are there resources and services to help my family?

Yes, there are resources! Please see the Special Education Resources page on the QPS website. There is also a parent group called QPAC that can help you navigate QPS. Please see our QPAC page for more information.

PTOs (Parent Teacher Organizations)

What is a PTO? What is the purpose of a PTO?

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. The PTO has an elected executive board that consists of parents/guardians of students. The purpose of the PTO (parent teacher organization) is to support the educational mission of their home school. The PTO pursues this goal by encouraging school members to volunteer for school events; raising funds for academic, cultural and social enrichment, technology upgrades, and educational programs; seeking donations of goods and services; facilitating communication between members; and sponsoring community-building activities. 


What is the difference between PTO and School Council?

A school council is a committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C. School council’s main role is to advise the principal on school improvement plans and the PTO's main role is to fundraise for academic, cultural, social enrichment, technology upgrades, and educational programs.


How can you become a member of the PTO?

Any parent or guardian of an enrolled student, or a current faculty or staff member who subscribes to the purpose of this PTO can become a member of the PTO. There is no membership fee. Membership in the PTO is available without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin.

Do I need to be a part of the PTO at my student’s school?

It's voluntary to be part of the PTO at your student’s school. It’s up to your convenience and comfort if you wish to be part of the school PTO.

Do I need to be CORI (criminal offenses record investigations) registered to volunteer in PTO fundraisers?

If you are volunteering at school events a Cori Form is mandated. Once you’ve filled out the form, you return it to your student’s school office. The CORI form is valid for 3 years.


What Is CORI? Is CORI form separate from fingerprinting?

CORI is a name-based criminal record check. You fill out a form with some information about yourself, return it to your school’s main office, and the school submits it to the state so your name can be run through a criminal records database. In addition to CORI, schools now recommend that volunteers be fingerprinted in a statewide regulated effort to increase school security. The fee for fingerprinting is $35.  You can schedule it online here or call (866) 349-8130 for more information. If you can’t afford the fee, please check with your PTO about covering the cost.

What are some examples of PTO fundraisers?

PTOs fundraise in a variety of ways, depending on the school. For example, schools might organize a Fun Run or a bake sale. They might partner with local businesses, sell school pride merchandise etc. 

Why do PTOs need fundraisers? What is the money used for?

The funds raised are used in different ways depending on the needs of individual schools. For example, some schools use the money to buy chrome books or other technology, to order new, updated books for the library, to build some small infrastructure for the school, and/or to offer enrichment programs for students. 

If I can’t attend PTO meetings, how else can I be involved in my child’s school?

You can volunteer. Your school’s PTO will post meeting notes from their meeting that will most likely include various volunteer opportunities. Individual teachers may also send home letters asking parents and guardians to be chaperones on a school trip or to come into the classroom for a special event. 

If English is not my first language, but I want to join the PTO, are there translation services available?

You can call Erin Perkins' office (617-984-8743) or Heather Wojcik’s office (617-984-8737) and they will get you in touch with translation services.


What transportation is available for elementary school students?

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 residing more than 1 mile from school are eligible for transportation to and from the following schools 

  1. Bernazzani

  2. Clifford Marshall

  3. Lincoln Hancock

  4. Merrymount

  5. Montclair

  6. Point Webster (Grade 5 Only)

  7. Squantum

  8. South West (Grade 5 Only)


What transportation is available for middle school students?

QPS bus transportation is only available to middle school students who require special transportation. The MBTA bus routes, bus stops and pick-up times are posted on the MBTA websiteStudent Charlie Cards (passes used to travel on public buses and trains) can be obtained in the school office and money can be added to the Charlie Card on the bus or at an MBTA station.

Students are eligible for special transportation if it is needed as an accommodation as part of their Individual Educational Plan (IEP). If you feel that your student needs special transportation due to a specific disability, please contact your current principal and/or guidance counselor.

What transportation is available to high school students?

High school students are not eligible for transportation. The MBTA bus routes, bus stops and pick-up times are posted on the MBTA websiteStudent Charlie Cards (passes used to travel on public buses and trains) can be obtained in the school office and money can be added to the Charlie Card on the bus or at an MBTA station.

Do all schools have buses?

​Only elementary schools are eligible for buses. All elementary schools are not eligible. List of schools eligible.

How do I register for the bus?

​If your student is eligible for the bus, please fill the form Quincy Public Schools Student Transportation 2023-2024. If you reside between 1-2 miles of the school, there is a bus fee of $200 for the year. The bus fee can be paid online, or a check can be mailed to Director Transportation, 34 Coddington Building, Quincy, 02169. There is no bus fee for students residing 2 miles plus. Since COVID (2021 onwards) there has been no bus fees for any students. It may change over coming years.

How do I find the bus stop closest to me?

​Please call transportation to find the bus stop closest to you. You can check the QPS bus stops list to find a bus stop closest to you.

If there is an issue with the bus, who do I contact?

If the issue is with an emergency on the bus or bus delays, you have to call transportation. If the issue is with pick-up/drop-off at the school, then you have to call your designated school. 


What after care options are available?

Quincy after-school programs are not managed by QPS. The current after-school services are being offered by Q-CAREStars and YMCA Germantown.  Some are hosted within the school building and some transport the children to another location.

How do I register for after care?

Please contact the after-care provider directly for details and to register. Links to the program websites are listed in the answer above. The spots are limited and fill very fast.

What grades/ages are eligible for after care?

After care is available for ages 5-12 years.

Is the spot guaranteed in the after-school program?

The spots are not guaranteed in the after-school program. The spots fill fast in the after-school programs. Please register as soon as possible. To register please contact the afterschool programs directly.

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