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Parent and Community Resources

ELPAC (English Learners Parents Advisory Council)

ELPAC Logo.png

The English Learner Parent Advisory Council is open to parents/guardians of English learners (ELs) in Quincy. The purpose of the ELPAC is to promote and support the success of ELs. ELPACs are intended by law to advise the district and schools regarding matters that impact English learners, including language acquisition programs, educational opportunities for ELs, and improvement plans as they relate to ELs. 

What is ELPAC?

A group of parents and guardians of current and former English Learners in Quincy Public Schools who wants to work with school and district leaders to improve the English Learner Education Program. This group meets several times during the school year. The meeting schedule will be put here shortly. The ELPAC Meetings have interpreters available in the following languages: Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

What does ELPAC do?

  • Advocates for English Learners in Quincy Public Schools

  • Guides and informs school leaders

  • Shares information with other parents of English Learners

If you have any questions or an interest in speaking with other families, please contact the ELPAC President: Mihaela Rusu at Email:

SEPAC Image.jpg

Quincy Public Schools has an active Parent Advisory Council (QPAC) whose members meet quarterly with the Special Education Subcommittee of the Quincy School Committee as well as bi-monthly for support and informational workshops. They maintain a Resource Center, which is located in Quincy High School. QPAC and the Special Education office work collaboratively to support both families and students through Parent Academy Evenings and planned student activities throughout the course of the year. 

QPAC Meeting Dates (In person QPAC office in QHS every Fourth Thurs.)

QPAC also runs a family support group. Please email or check QPAC Facebook for information.

Special Ed. Presentation 

QARI (Quincy Asian Resources Inc.)

quari-logo.png | 617-472-2200

  • ​Serves ALL immigrants

  • Translation assistance in multiple languages: Help with healthcare/insurance, housing, unemployment, childcare and more

  • English classes (ESOL) and free citizenship classes

  • Youth programs: ServiceCorps, Mentoring, TransitionUp, Scholarships, Higher Education Pathways, and MBTA Youth Passes

  • Senior Services and Programs: Housing, Survival English, field trips, classes, and healthcare screenings

  • Job Hub: Connecting clients and employers

  • Lunar New Year and August Moon festivals

  • Referrals to other community resources

QCAP (Quincy Community Action Programs)

QCAP-logo.webp | 617-479-8181


  • Childcare: Community Care, Head Start, resource help and vouchers for childcare: (617) 657-5305 (Community Care) and (617) 249-2000 (Head Start)

  • Energy assistance: help with heat and utilities: (617) 657-5301 and (617) 657-5354 (for heating emergencies)

  • Housing: rent/mortgage assistance and more: (617) 657-5376

  • Food assistance: Southwest Community Food Center and SNAP/food stamp application assistance: (617) 471-0796

  • English language assistance (ESOL) and adult education classes (ABE): (617) 657-5386 (ESOL) and (617) 657-5387 (ABE)

Step One Early Intervention Program

AHA_Logo_Pride_edited.png | 800-528-4890


  • Available to families of infants and toddlers with special needs, including developmental disabilities, developmental delays, and environmental or biological risk factors

  • Team of professionals includes: developmental educators, speech pathologists, social workers, licensed mental health counselors, teaching assistants, nurses, and physical, occupational, and music therapists

  • Collaborates on developmental assessments and individual family service plans

  • Offers developmental and therapeutic interventions, as well as ongoing education and support for families

  • Continues to provide services and support families during the pandemic via telehealth

DOVE: Domestic Violence Ended

dove_edited.jpg | 617-471-1234 or 888-314-3683


  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: Isolation and domestic violence have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic; DOVE’s 24-Hour Hotline is anonymous and ALWAYS answered by trained staff for immediate support and information on resources

  • Hotline: 617-471-1234 or 1-888-314-3683

  • Emergency Shelter: Six-bedroom, gender-inclusive emergency shelter for victims fleeing domestic violence; DOVE Advocates use trauma-informed practices and assist with resources for life beyond shelter: 1-888-314-3683 and SAFELINK 1-877-785-2020

  • Community-Based Advocacy and Counseling: All services are free and confidential: 617-770-4065 x 300 (leave a message)

  • Support Groups: Multiple free and confidential support groups on a range of topics to meet the various needs of survivors happen throughout the year: 617-770-4065 x 300

  • LGBQ/T Services: Offers identity-specific counseling services that affirm the unique challenges faced by LGBQ/T survivors of domestic violence:  617-770-4065 x 300

  • Chinese Advocacy Program: Provides culturally and linguistically specific, client-centered, and trauma-informed support, with an understanding that cultural and linguistic barriers often impact a survivor’s consideration to seek help and access services:  617-770-4065 x 304

  • Legal Advocacy Program: DOVE’s legal staff are specifically educated on domestic violence and applicable laws and provide trauma-informed, client-centered services: 617-770-4065 x 400 (leave a message)

  • Children’s Services and Parenting Support: Long-term therapeutic counseling for ages 2-18 and short-term parenting support to help navigate parenting challenges or concerns: 617-770-4065 x 320 

  • Civilian Domestic Violence Advocacy: Advocacy staff respond to domestic violence reports and increase access points for service through multiple police departments and the court system: 617-653-4226

  • Prevention and Education:

  • YouthSpeak: DOVE’s Healthy Relationship Education and Abuse Prevention Program educates students and young adults about dating and relationship issues while empower youth to become leaders and change-agents; available to middle and high schools at different levels of engagement:  617-770-4065 x 500

  • Community Education and Training: DOVE, Inc., offers trainings, workshops, and seminars to various stakeholders in the community to raise awareness and prevent domestic violence:  617-770-4065 x 500

Interfaith Social Services

interfaithservicesquincy.png | 617-773-6203


  • Food assistance: The Food Pantry distributes food, diapers, feminine hygiene items, toiletries and pet food; seasonal programs include back-to-school backpacks, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving meals, holiday gifts, and Bunny Baskets. Call 617-773-6203 x 19.

  • Counseling services: New Directions Counseling Center provides mental health counseling services on a sliding-fee pay scale. Call 617-773-6203 x 12.

  • Homelessness prevention: HomeSafe offers assistance with rent, utilities, budget counseling and medical expenses. Call 617-773-6203 x 16 (call at 9 a.m., limited intakes available per day).

  • Thrift store: Boutique-style thrift store funds programs and offers low-cost clothing and a Career Closet; call 617-773-6203 x 32.

Germantown Neighborhood Center

theymca-logo_edited.jpg | 617-376-1384


Food Pantry, Family Garden and Cooking Classes for children and adults.

  • Food Pantry: 617-376-1389

  • After School Programs: Music, cooking, reading, swimming, homework assistance, Girl Scouts, and tutoring

  • Teen Programs: Surrounding teens with peers and positive role models; Teen Nights; Basketball; Teen Success offers guidance on college and trade school applications as well as mentoring programs; summer camp opportunities

  • Family and Community Programs: Family and community engagement activities, including events, outings, and day trips

  • Women’s Programs: Building self-respect, communication skills, and self-esteem to empower women; nurturing groups; and a casual and professional attire second-hand boutique 

  • Music Studio: Complete recording and performance studio

  • Advocacy: Confidential advocacy, crisis intervention, on-site counseling, and referrals

  • Holiday Assistance: Provides toys, meals, clothing, and Y program memberships. To request assistance, email

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