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About Citywide PTO

Citywide PTO (also known as the Quincy Citywide Parents' Council) is the only city-wide group of parents/guardians in Quincy that advocates for the achievement and delivery of a quality equitable education and experience for every student in Quincy Public Schools (QPS).

Mission & Purpose​


Our mission is to advocate for the achievement and delivery of high-quality equitable education for every student in Quincy Public Schools (QPS).​ Our purpose is to represent the collective voice of parents/guardians across the city, and to bring that parent/guardian perspective to QPS administration and members of the Quincy School Committee.



  • Create a safe environment for QPS parents/guardians to discuss the QPS system. 

  • Host informational presentations on a variety of topics.

  • Brainstorm ways to improve the experience of students and parents. 

  • Offer recommendations on QPS policies, proposed policy changes, and annual budget.

  • Raise awareness of problems or concerns faced by QPS students and parents/guardians.  

  • Advocate for open communication at every level of the school system.

  • Request information from QPS.

  • Providing the opportunity for individual school PTOs to work collaboratively and share resources and best practices.


We do not charge membership dues or fees. General membership is considered to be every parent/ guardian of a current QPS student. We strive to ensure at least one parent from each QPS school is in attendance at our meetings and is involved in group discussions.

Executive Board and Citywide Officers


Executive Board members, along with Citywide PTO officers, comprise the leadership of the organization. Any interested general member in good standing may ask to join the Executive Board. The Citywide officers are elected with voting at the end of school year. The officers are responsible for running the meetings and maintaining the Citywide Facebook page and website.


Citywide officers for the year 2023-2024 are:

Liz Speakman and Kate Campbell- Copresidents

Scott Alessandro-Treasurer

Gina Favata - Co-Secretary

Shiv Singh- Co-Secretary.


Citywide PTO hosts monthly meetings during the school year. All QPS parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and interested community members are welcome. Any person in attendance may speak on any issue, however, only parents/guardians of current QPS students may cast a vote.

Citywide PTO Meeting dates 2023-2024

The meetings will be virtual from 7pm to 8pm.on Monday.

September 18th

October 16th (Candidates' Night)

November 20th

December 18th

January 8th

February. 12th

March 18th

April 8th

May 20th

June TBD

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